About BluNomad

BluNomad was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2011. All of our garments are manufactured and warehoused in downtown Los Angeles. Everything from our t-shirts to our sweats are inspired foremost by a desire to make the perfect garment. However, as naive entrepreneurs back in 2011, we were shocked by the practices of our industry and the real impact that those practices multiplied times billions of global consumers has on the world.

We have no illusions that we can solve all the world’s environmental challenges, however we chose to take on one currently affecting nearly one billion people worldwide. The earth’s severely strained fresh water supply. By using alternatives to cotton, such as bamboo and modal, we have managed to reduce our products’ water footprint by as much as 95%. Our manufacturing process has also been designed to continually improve efficiencies as a garment travels through production from fabrication, dyeing, cutting, sewing to packaging.

We are not only committed to the long term correction of fashion’s impact on the planet, but also strive to have immediate impact on the lives of people currently living without access to clean water. We view this as a basic human right. As such, through a partnership with Generosity Water we donate a portion of every sale to fund clean water wells in distressed regions of the world. Our blu promise: with every purchase someone in the world will gain access to clean drinking water.

BluNomad primarily services wholesalers and white label designers. However, special production runs are offered to retail customers on a regular basis.